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Lexi Caraker Don'tWorryAboutIt , United States

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About me

Don't read about me. I'm a simple person. I live in a small town (unwillingly) and am a fan of a few mangas. I like listening to music and I'd like you to stop reading about me. :) Kay?


Uhhhh... Get up. Go to School. Come Home. Listen to Music on the TV (Very Fun.) Play on the Computer. Read. Sleep. Repeat. Please Stop Reading About Me.


A LOT OF STUFF. SUCH AS: Nine Inch Nails. We Are Now Awake. Sick Puppies. The Birthday Massacre. Marilyn Manson. The Used.(A BIT OF)30 Seconds To Mars. Three Days Grace. (AND THE LIKES) STOP READING!

Movies and TV:

Don't Get Me Started On This Subject. Please. I Can Go On And On About TV And Movies I Like. I Mean It STOP READING!!


I Don't Like Sports. STOP!!!!


Lots. I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!


LOTS OF OTHERS. :) You have gotten through all the stuff about me. Now you can STOP!!!


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my family poem